Twenty-six Inklingo-able EQ7 Quilt Designs posted in 2014. [This was part of an online challenge to post 26 topics during the month of April 2014].

I decided that posting only the EQ7 design isn’t much of a challenge. I was hoping to be able to offer a free design leaflet for each quilt design with an Inklingo printing chart and fabric yardage requirements but had to nix that whole plan as I do not have all the Inklingo collections I need for all the designs.

What I decided I could do, however, is to offer a free design sheet for each quilt design. The design sheets will not be a complete pattern with detailed instructions. As such, they will be for intermediate to advanced quilters and Inklingo users. If you have used Inklingo before to print block templates on the wrong side of your fabric, then you know that Linda Franz includes detailed instructions for piecing by hand or machine in each collection or design book. If you are a beginning Inklingo user and an intermediate to advanced quilter, you should have no trouble if you start with one of the easier designs. If you have never tried Inklingo before, there is a free collection PDF available for download.

Download the FREE Inklingo Collection PDF

On the design sheet, I will list the number of blocks that need to be made, the shapes needed for each block and the total number of shapes to be printed for the whole quilt top. From the information on the design sheet, you will be able to figure out Inklingo printing layouts and fabric yardage requirements. (It is not that hard to do!) Linda has a section in each Inklingo collection called “Planning a Quilt” that gives basic instructions on how to figure fabric yardage from the printing layouts. Please double check my numbers for accuracy. I have checked and rechecked my figures, but I’m not infallible.

The quilt designs range from simple two-color quilts using one or two Inklingo collections to more complex designs that use several collections or bits and pieces from two or more collections. All the quilts are square in design (my preference for quilts). I tried to design the quilts using the least amount of fabrics possible to make figuring printing and fabric requirements easier.

In most quilts I used Stonehenge or Toscana fabrics by Northcott in Electric Quilt 7 [EQ7]. If there are borders, they include applique and the blog post for that day will have a link to download the applique templates. You can skip the applique and use a printed or plain fabric for borders if you desire. You can also make any quilt design larger by adding fabric for borders.

Each blog post will contain links to the appropriate Inklingo collections and design books, as well as links to Linda’s blog and YouTube videos that may be helpful in finishing the quilt. The links to the Inklingo collections will be affiliate links. I will earn a commission on items you purchase from Linda by following the links. You are under no obligation to do so. The only thing I do ask is that you not print out the design sheets to pass along to friends. I would prefer you send your friends to my blog to preserve the affiliate links.

That is the plan for now. In short, I ask that you double check my figures, use the affiliate links when purchasing from the Inklingo website if you choose and send others back to my blog to view the quilt designs here. One last thing… if you find any discrepancies, please don’t hesitate to contact me so that I can make the necessary corrections. (Thank you!)

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