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The 2014 A to Z April Challenge is designed to challenge bloggers to post Monday through Saturday during the month of April resulting in 26 A to Z blog posts. If you keep up. It helps in the preplanning to have a theme to tie your posts together and then to prewrite as much as you can beforehand. Since this is a blog about quilting, my theme is A to Z Quilt Designs. (You didn’t guess that?)

Originally I was going to participate in the A to Z April Challenge only on my family history blog, but then I wondered if I could do the same on this blog to challenge myself to do more posts. (I haven’t posted much here lately because I haven’t been quilting. Yes, for months. Seven months. It’s a tragedy.) I decided to put the EQ7 designs I’m always playing around with to good use.

I pulled 26 female names from my list of grandmothers, aunts and female cousins and matched them up to EQ7 designs—old and new—and plan to post a quilt design a day. (Okay, I had to pull a few names out of thin air because there were no X and Z names…)

The first design will be posted on the 1st of April. Enjoy!

See more details about what I am going to attempt in April in the A to Z Challenge page tab above.

Only two more things to finish before I am ready for the 2014 A to Z April Challenge. Well, I still have to format the blog posts to make them work for my theme but I will have the hard part done at least. The theme reveal is on Friday. Stay tuned.


My focus in 2017:

Sewing in 2017

  • 1 Year of Stitches embroidery project
  • Hexiflowers (aka Grace's Garden)
  • Death Star pillow
  • Tonopah Nevada topographical map
  • 1855 Wales Center map
  • Winnie the Pooh map
  • Ethan's Quilt
  • Thea's Quilt
  • Rachelle Fae CQ block
  • Machine quilting with a walking foot

Inklingo: What’s New?

Colonial Garden Collection

Judy Martin's
Waltzing Matilda

6, 9 & 12 inch blocks

The traditional size: 1 inch Patchwork of the Crosses

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