I managed to get nine projects in my suitcase [out of ten] so that was a good plan. Patchwork of the Crosses is missing from the suitcase but that was to make room for all the Love Entwined fabrics. I couldn’t decide on my color choices for Part 2 of LE so I brought them all with me.

I wanted to get a little bit further on America, America before working on Part 2 of LE. I took pictures of the block backgrounds I have done so far and pasted them together in photo editing software.

America, America block backgrounds July update :: Erin Klein @ crookedpathdesigns.com

America, America block backgrounds


For some reason block two seems to be problematic. In the first three rows those are the blocks that are only partially done.

[I am really not happy with my current watermark plugin. But searching through them all to find a better one?? Ugh.]

In row four, that middle section is one large block so I only have three more to do. The first block in row 4 is completely done and kind of boring looking but when the borders go on, there is a large tree with a boy and birds sitting in it that goes over that block and up into the block above.

Row 1 Block 2

Row 1 Block 2




I got stalled on this block when I decided that I didn’t like the white fabric for the snowy white hill. The darker fabrics from behind were shadowing through too much. That meant that I had to go back and change the white fabric in block 1 also. I haven’t gotten back to basting the rest of this background and will probably hold off until I am ready to finish the block. The new white is a tone-on-tone which is a little harder to needle but I like it better for depicting snow.



Row 1 Block 3

Row 1 Block 3

My next problem fabric was this purple-blue mountain fabric. It looks more like clouds reflected on a deep blue lake than a mountain. Doesn’t it? Yes, it does.

The pattern said I needed 1.25 yards of a lavender/blue mottled. Every time I went to substitute something else, I thought I did not have enough in my stash. Now that I have all the background pieces cut out, I have a lot of this fabric left. I could have used something else after all. But I decided I was done making myself crazy switching fabrics and I am leaving it as it is. When the block is done, little deer will look like they are walking on water. Or not. I imagine I will adding a lot of embroidery to fool the eye into thinking it’s land and not water. In the row below it looks like sky so the fabric has redeemed itself somewhat there.

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