In October and November managed to get 5 long-standing projects to the finished top stage. Some quilters call them “flimsies” but I don’t like using that word to describe something as wonderful as a finished quilt top. (Just my opinion.) I had set a goal to finish 5 projects before year end, but I should be able to finish up 3 more before the end of the next week — potentially 8 finishes. Granted they are machine pieced and were in various stages of being completed, but I am feeling quite proud of my accomplishment especially since I hadn’t done much quilting in the 12 proceeding months.

Perhaps I am a bit overconfident — inspired by my recent finishes — but I’m setting a goal to finish 15 projects in 2015. Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. Priscilla’s Beauty – hand pieced blocks with applique
  2. Case of the Secret Garden – hand pieced blocks
  3. Crazy Quilt block – Alaskan cruise class project
  4. Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) – old class sample
  5. Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) – hand pieced
  6. Hexiflowers – hand pieced
  7. Rachelle – hand pieced blocks
  8. Colonial Garden
  9. Patriots in Petticoats – machine pieced
  10. Sun, Moon & Stars – appliqued blocks machine pieced
  11. 9 Patch Leader/Ender with Heart – machine pieced with applique
  12. Thea’s Baby Quilt – machine pieced
  13. Ethan’s New Quilt – machine pieced [same as Thea’s with different backing and binding]
  14. Scrappy Log Cabin – machine pieced
  15. Scrap Baskets – machine pieced / appliqued handles & hearts

While I was working on this post, Linda posted a photo to the Inklingo Facebook page. Yes! That’s the look I want to see 15 times this year.  (hahaha)




scrap-basketsScrap Baskets EQ7 design

This is another scrappy project I have been printing shapes for. This project uses the Inklingo 3 inch Basket Collection. There are 360 basket blocks in my design. This is the third project I want to work on in 2015. (If you have been keeping track of my new starts. Hahaha) There is one more—the Ocean Waves quilt seen here. I have changed the color scheme on that one and am almost finished drawing the applique border. I’ll share details about it later.

Inklingo 3″ Basket Collection

The background shapes are printed on scraps approximately 8 x 12 or smaller. Printing Combo1 on an 8.25 x 11.75 piece of fabric gives me 6 sets of background shapes. On a smaller piece of fabric, I just print as many background sets as I can. I have about 250 background sets printed so far.


The basket shapes will be printed with my stash of Stonehenge and Marblehead fabrics. I have more than 60 different ones and I am always adding to them. If I print Combo6 on a 6 x 11.75 inch piece of fabric, I will have 6 sets of basket shapes to mix and match with my scrappy backgrounds. I am going to machine piece the blocks.


There is a basket combo set [Combo7] in the 3 inch Basket Collection that includes a back-basted heart applique. I am thinking of doing 20 or 40 blocks with the heart applique.


I brought a half dozen of these with me to work on. After setting off the smoke detector while pressing other blocks with the only iron I could find here, I decided not to work on anything that would need pressing during the sewing process. (Too scary!) That included my way of prepping the handle shape for appliqueing so I set the basket blocks aside until I get home. I’ll post a few of the finished blocks then.

Jane Jane’s Baskets is a 3-color, 4-fabric quilt in a horizontal setting. It measures 85 x 85 inches. My inspiration for this quilt is an antique quilt I saw on an online auction website. I pinned it to my Basket Quilts board on Pinterest. You can see it here.

This design uses the Inklingo 6″ Basket Collection. I colored the blocks in EQ7 with fabrics from Toscana by Northcott.

This quilt is named for Catherine Jane [Cormode] Williamson. Jane’s family lived near Ramsey on the Isle of Man. She was baptized 13 April 1828 at Kirk Christ Church in Lezayre. Jane was my second great grandmother. I haven’t been able to find out exactly when the Cormodes arrived in America. The earliest record I have shows them living in Rochester, New York in 1844. Sometime around 1848, Jane married William Henry Williamson. Jane and Henry had at least eight children together. Both died in their 50th year—Henry in 1875 of cholera and Jane in 1878 of albuminuria.


Note that the Applique Border PDF was updated 29 January 2015.


Jane’s Baskets
85 x 85 inches

9020-49 Toscana Patriot Blue
9020-49 Toscana Patriot Blue

White with blue print
Dotty or Bluework fabric or something similar

9020-78 Toscana Pine9020-78 Toscana Pine

9020-10 Toscana White Picket Fence9020-10 Toscana White Picket Fence

Purchase and download:

Inklingo 6” Basket Collection

The Inklingo Handbook

Cheat Sheet

(Download from website
or print from collection)

For more information about Inklingo, click here.

Copy the information below to a printed Cheat Sheet.
To figure fabric yardage, see the section “Planning a Quilt” in the Inklingo collection.




# of Shapes

Cut & Print

Page # in shape collection

Fabric 1

Handle Pieced[Optional – Not necessarily needed if back-basting] 64 10] 5 x 11″ &
1 5 x 7.75″
6″ Basket: 38 & 39
HST 1.5 Layout 1 320 13] 7.75 x 10.25″ &
1] 5.25 x 5.5″
6″ Basket: 46 & 47
Straight [center] Petal
Print @ 75% of original to create freezer paper templates]
304 Print an 8.5 x 14″ [Legal Size] Flower Back-basting page @ 75% of original on freezer paper to make applique templates 6″ Basket: 37
Left Petal
Print @ 75% of original to create freezer paper templates]
44 Print an 8.5 x 14″ [Legal Size] Flower Back-basting page @ 75% of original on freezer paper to make applique templates 6″ Basket: 37
Right Petal
Print @ 75% of original to create freezer paper templates]
44 Print an 8.5 x 14″ [Legal Size] Flower Back-basting page @ 75% of original on freezer paper to make applique templates 6″ Basket: 37

Fabric 2
White with blue print

HST 1.5 Layout 1 128 5] 7.75 x 10.25″ &
1] 5.25 x 5.5
6″ Basket: 46 & 47
HST 3 Layout 1 64 8] 8.25 x 8.5″ 6″ Basket: 50 & 51
.75″ Circles 65 1] 6.75 x 9.25″ &
1] 6.75 x 8.25″
Circles: 28 & 29
.75″ Half Circles 44 Use freezer paper templates from Flower Back-basting page printed for petals  //
Binding Strips 9 strips  //  //

Fabric 3

3/8 to 1/2″ Bias Stem 450″
[generous estimate]
Jane’s Baskets Applique PDF //
Leaves 60 Jane’s Baskets Applique PDF  //

Fabric 4

Combo 1 Background 64 sets 32] 8.5 x 11″ 6″ Basket: 20 & 21
Cornerstones 49 3.5 x 3.5″ square [minimum size – some allow extra for shrinking during applique]  //
Sashing 112 3.5 x 6.5″ rectangle  //
Border Strips 4
[Cut length of fabric to avoid piecing]
8.5″ wide
[minimum size – some allow extra for shrinking during applique]

Want to check my math? The Jane’s Baskets Math PDF is here.

Quilt blocks are pictured on the Math PDF.

Be sure to check my Basket Quilts board on Pinterest for more quilty basket inspiration.



My focus in 2017:

Sewing in 2017

  • 1 Year of Stitches embroidery project
  • Hexiflowers (aka Grace's Garden)
  • Death Star pillow
  • Tonopah Nevada topographical map
  • 1855 Wales Center map
  • Winnie the Pooh map
  • Ethan's Quilt
  • Thea's Quilt
  • Rachelle Fae CQ block
  • Machine quilting with a walking foot

Inklingo: What’s New?

Colonial Garden Collection

Judy Martin's
Waltzing Matilda

6, 9 & 12 inch blocks

The traditional size: 1 inch Patchwork of the Crosses

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