Viola-smViola’s Beauty is a 4-color, 5-fabric quilt set on point. The quilt measures approximately 70 x 70 inches. This quilt, with the pieced sashing, would have a lot of seams. The sashing is made with shapes from a Storm at Sea collection. I have also colored a version with plain sashing and cornerstones.

This design uses the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe Collection and the 6” Storm at Sea Collection. I colored the blocks in EQ7 with fabrics from Toscana by Northcott.

Viola (DeLong) Jones Dorgan is my 2nd great aunt—Adeline’s youngest daughter and Georgianna’s sister. She was born in 1855 in Ogdensburg, NY. Viola was married twice and had five children. Her first husband was a doctor who died at a young age. Viola died at a young age as well, possibly during the birth of her youngest child or shortly thereafter. Her children were taken in by other relatives but remained close throughout their lives.


ViolaViola’s Beauty
70 x 70 inches

9020-10 Toscana White Picket Fence9020-10 Toscana White Picket Fence

9020-840 Toscana Thistle9020-840 Toscana Thistle

9020-45 Toscana Capri9020-45 Toscana Capri

9020-711 Toscana Sweet Pea9020-711 Toscana Sweet Pea

9020-731 Toscana Aloe Vera9020-731 Toscana Aloe Vera

Purchase and download:

Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe

cover-Storm-6-115Inklingo 6” Storm at Sea

cover-Storm-design-115Inklingo Storm at Sea Design Book

The Inklingo Handbook

Cheat Sheet

(Download from website or print from collection)

For more information about Inklingo, click here.

Copy the information below to a printed Cheat Sheet.
I don’t have a copy of the 6” Storm at Sea collection so I couldn’t finish filling in the chart below but you can use the information from the collection to figure the sizes to cut and print. To figure fabric yardage, see the section “Planning a Quilt” in the Inklingo collection.




# of Shapes

Cut & Print

Page # in shape collection

Fabric 1
Alabama AB 200 66] 8 x 9.75″ &
1] 5.5 x 9.75″
Orange Peel Deluxe: 50 & 51
B / BR Tri 800 6” Storm at Sea:
Fabric 2
Peel 100 25] 6.25 x 13″ Orange Peel Deluxe: 36 & 37
Fabric 3
Peel 80 20] 6.25 x 13″ Orange Peel Deluxe: 36 & 37
Half Peel 40 5] 7.25 x 13″ Orange Peel Deluxe” 38 & 39
Binding Strips 8 strips //
Fabric 4
Light Green
Alabama Beauty C 200 25] 7.25 x 9.75″ Orange Peel Deluxe: 52 & 53
F Square 40 6” Storm at Sea
Fabric 5
Medium Green
G HST 160 6” Storm at Sea
E HST – Replaces Square in Square Cornerstone at outside edge of quilt 20 6” Storm at Sea
A Diamond 200 6” Storm at Sea

Want to check my math? The Viola’s Beauty Math PDF is here.

Quilt blocks are pictured on the Math PDF.

Additional Colorways

Viola1 recolorViola’s Beauty
Recolor 1

Changing the position of the light and medium green.

Viola2 recolorViola’s Beauty
Recolor 2

Plain sashing and cornerstones. Not quite as dramatic but acceptable.


How to Rotary Cut Curves Inklingo Video


Sewing Curves Without Pins

This is how I sew curves. (I dislike pinning!) I use a 3M Command Strip pasted along the side of my presser foot to help as a guide also. You need to be sure to use your 1/4″ presser foot if you are going to use a Command Strip as a guide. When I am done sewing curves, the Command Strip removes easily from my machine bed.


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