There is so much more to be done. [sigh – sorry – whining] Also trying to work more diligently on all my current projects. I was only working on two at a time but found that I was sometimes going days without working on anything. I was not getting anything done in that mode. I was thinking if I limited myself to two projects at a time, I would power through until I got them done. Obviously that is not how I work. LOL I need to have five or six projects going so I can rotate them. Which is not a problem when you live in one place. When you pick up and move to a new location every week or two, it becomes cumbersome dragging around everything you need for six projects.

That was another reason why I was trying to work on only two projects at a time. Easier to tote two projects around. I have decided to empty my suitcase and use it for my projects and carry a large tote bag for clothes and other necessities as I move from house to house. That way I will have my current projects and HOPEFULLY will be more motivated to keep working! I feel like I have spent the last year doing very little in the way of quilting and it shows in my list of finishes.

At the top of my blog you will see a tab called, Handwork. It has a drop down menu with my projects listed. So while I will be posting pictures here of work-in-progress, you will be able to see the latest picture of each project there. At least that is the plan…

I have been working a little bit on my design that I am calling Pomegranate Jam.

Pomegranate Jam designed in EQ7

Pomegranate Jam designed in EQ7

I am doing one that is one quarter of this size. I have all the arcs pieced for both the New York Beauty and Sunflower blocks. I used the 6 inch Sunflower and NY Beauty 02 Inklingo collections and created my own pomegranate applique.


Hand pieced 6 inch block from the New York Beauty 02 Inklingo Collection

Hand pieced 6 inch block from the New York Beauty 02 Inklingo Collection

Hand pieced 6 inch block from the Inklingo Sunflower Collection

Hand pieced 6 inch block from the Inklingo Sunflower Collection

The NYB blocks are going together beautifully but I am not happy with my centers on the Sunflowers. [Am I whining again?] I am going to applique the centers on after I stitch the two halves together rather than trying to piece the centers. I can get a smoother edge that way I think.

I'd love to hear from you!

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